Welcome to the website of the Westerly Club Nederland (WCN).

The Westerly Club Nederland is founded in 1975, and is meant to be the Dutch association for owners of Westerly yachts, or even for those who are interested in Westerly. The WCN organises shorter cruises at inland water, and also longer cruises at coastal waters or at sea. She also organises meetings and presentations about subjects, very much linked to sailing.


It is the specific goal to help members with less experience to extend this experience. By members, for members. WCN tries to offer service to all Westerly sailors who wants to find their – nautical – way in Dutch waters.

Because of quite a number of Dutch WCN cruises have been planned to reach England’s south and east coast, the most contacts will be maintained with members of the English Westerly Owners’ Association in order to gain maximum nautical information about the area to sail.

On the other hand WCN offers a helping hand for those sailors, who seek additional nautical information about Dutch waters. We are happy to help. Information about service times of locks and bridges can be found at the website of the Dutch Ministry of Transportation. Alas they are only available in Dutch, but – with maybe some help – the service-times of bridges and locks are recognisable.

Please look under the Nautical-button. For nautical information of the Northsea the Ministry of Defense shows her Hydrographic Service on her website. That is where the Notices to Mariners (in English language) can be found. A lot of other information can be found there as well.

If you have questions, you are welcome to mail to voorzitter@westerlyclub.nl.

► If you want to meet other Westerly’s, check the WoW-dates (Westerly meets Westerly)

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