Per 1 januari ’21 is de relatie tussen de UK en het Europese vasteland drastisch veranderd. Voor iedereen die het plan heeft naar de UK te varen nadat Corona dat toelaat:

Notice 8: sailing your pleasure craft to and from the UK – GOV.UK (

This notice is intended for use by owners of pleasure craft who sail their crafts to or from the UK and the customs arrival and departure requirements. The Channel Islands are treated as a place outside the UK for VAT purposes. Private use means recreational (non-commercial) use; this can also include the use of a company owned vessel for private recreational purposes.

If you carry any goods for industrial or commercial purposes, your vessel becomes a commercial vessel and is no longer a pleasure craft. Notice 69: Report and Clearance by Ships Masters explains the customs requirements for commercial vessels.

Met eigen schip naar de UK varen.